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Kurupi / Campesino


ModelManufacturerProduct ImageProduct Name-PriceBuy Now
KUYESP500KurupiKURUPI Classic Yerba 500gKURUPI Classic Yerba 500g€5.50Buy Now
KUYESP500KurupiKURUPI Blended Peppermint & Boldo Yerba 500g **COMING SOON**KURUPI Blended Peppermint & Boldo Yerba 500g **COMING SOON**€5.50Buy Now
CAMP500CampesinoCAMPESINO Yerba with Anis 500gCAMPESINO Yerba with Anis 500g€6.00Buy Now

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1 x LA MERCED de Monte 500g
1 x ROSAMONTE Mild 500g
1 x ROSAMONTE Traditional Blend 500g
1 x PIPORE Pure Leaf Yerba 500g
1 x PIPORE Tradicional Yerba 1kg
1 x AMANDA Yerba Without Stems 1kg
1 x ROSAMONTE Special Selection 500g
1 x Drinking Pipe Stainless Steel Curved Spring Filter S200
1 x LIEBIG Yerba Mate Original 500g
1 x CAMPESINO Yerba with Anis 500g
1 x PIPORE Tradicional Yerba 500g
1 x SELECTA Yerba with Moringa, Horsetail and Burrito 500g
1 x Wooden Set Gourd Sugar & Yerba Storage
1 x CANARIAS Yerba 1kg
1 x Mate Gourd Wooden Traveller
1 x CANARIAS Special Edition Yerba 1kg
1 x AMANDA Yerba Blended with Mixed Herbs 500g
1 x LA TRANQUERA Yerba 500g
1 x Drinking Pipe Alpaca Silver Long Curved Spoon Design
1 x Drinking Pipe Short Curved 10
1 x LA MERCED Original de Campo 500g
1 x Wooden Set Gourd & Yerba Storage
1 x Drinking Pipe Stainless Steel Curved Hexagonal Filter S225
1 x CBSé Cormillot Diet 500g
1 x Drinking Pipe Short Straight 09
1 x LA MERCED Barbacua 500g
1 x Mate Gourd Calabaza Large with Frame
1 x Drinking Pipe Stainless Steel Curved Cylindrical Filter S714
1 x Mate Gourd Wooden Cup Design
1 x Mate Gourd Calabaza Ornate with Legs
1 x SELECTA Yerba Siluette 500g
1 x Drinking Pipe Stainless Steel Curved with Spring S844
1 x Drinking Pipe Stainless Steel Short Curved S903
1 x KURUPI Classic Yerba 500g
1 x AMANDA Yerba Premium 500g
1 x SELECTA Yerba with Boldo and Peppermint 500g
1 x ROSAMONTE Yerba without stems 500g
1 x Mate Gourd Calabaza with Frame
1 x Mate Gourd Wooden Engraved Pewter
1 x Mate Gourd Calabaza Virola Large Size
1 x Mate Gourd Wooden with Metal Sheath
1 x Drinking Pipe Stainless Steel Flat Design
1 x CBSé Energy with Guaraná 500g
1 x Drinking Pipe Stainless Steel Long Curved S883
1 x CBSé Lemon 500g
1 x KURUPI Blended Peppermint & Boldo Yerba 500g **COMING SOON**
1 x CBSé Orange 500g
1 x SELECTA Yerba 1kg **COMING SOON**