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UNYESU500UnionUNION Light 500gUNION Light 500g€5.00Buy Now
UNYELI500UnionUNION Light Coastal Herbal Mix 500gUNION Light Coastal Herbal Mix 500g€5.50Buy Now
UNYESE500UnionUNION Light Mountain Herbal Mix 500gUNION Light Mountain Herbal Mix 500g€5.50Buy Now
UNYERE500UnionUNION Relax 500gUNION Relax 500g€3.75Buy Now

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1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x SAN IGNACIO -Dulce de Leche 450g
1 x DI CARLO Fresh Pasta Cappelletis 4 Cheese 500g
1 x LOS NIETITOS Dulce de Leche with Hazelnuts 400g
1 x SARA Extra Light Yerba 1kg
1 x ORIETA - Sweet Potato Jelly 425g
1 x ORIETA - Quince Jelly 425g **COMING SOON**
1 x Tea Thermometer
1 x NOBLEZA GAUCHA Yerba Red Pure Leaf 500g **COMING SOON**
1 x SARA Traditional Yerba 1kg
1 x Mate Gourd Glass with Faux Reptile Skin
1 x EL MONCAYO Yerba Herbal Blend 1kg
1 x DI CARLO Fresh Pasta Sorrentinos Ham Ricotta & Mozzerella 1kg
1 x AUTOMATE Mate Mágico Self-Priming Termos Flask 500ml
1 x CHIMBOTE - Dulce de Leche Pastelero 980g
1 x UNION Light Mountain Herbal Mix 500g
1 x Mate Gourd Glass with Carpincho
1 x CHIMBOTE - Dulce de Leche 350g
1 x DI CARLO Pastry for Fried Turnovers (13cm)
1 x ANTARTIDA Mate Mágico Self-Priming Mate Set 500ml
1 x Kit NOBLEZA GAUCHA Gourd + Drinking Pipe + 500g Yerba
1 x Mate Gourd Glass with Faux Leather
1 x DI CARLO Pastry for Baked & Fried Turnovers (14cm)
1 x DI CARLO Large Pie Pastry
1 x UNION Light Coastal Herbal Mix 500g
1 x DI CARLO Pastry for Baked Turnovers (13cm)
1 x DI CARLO Pastry for Baked Turnovers (13cm) **VALUE OFFER**
1 x HAVANNA - Dulce de Leche 250g
1 x CACHAMATE Pink 500g
1 x EL PAISITO Stainless Steel Thermos Flask 1000ml **COMING SOON**
1 x DI CARLO Fresh Pasta Potato Ñoquis 500g
1 x CHIMBOTE - Dulce de Leche 980g
1 x NOBLEZA GAUCHA Yerba Blue with Stems 500g
1 x Kit CRUZ DE MALTA Gourd + Drinking Pipe + 500g Yerba
1 x UNION Light 500g