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ROSAMONTE Special Selection 500g[ROYEES500]

ROSAMONTE Special Selection 500g

ROSAMONTE Special Selection 500g[ROYEES500]

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Rosamonte is one of the most popular Brands of yerba mate in Argentina. As the name suggests, Rosamonte Special Selection is Rosamonte's limited production, premium yerba. Produced using only the best yerba, this strong, full-bodied yerba is aged for 24 months. Like a good wine, it is bursting with flavour. The proprietary processes employed by HREÑUK S.A use hard woods for the drying ovens so the taste is not altered and the temperature controlled aging warehouses create a unique tasting yerba mate. This really is a yerba for the connoisseur!! Rosamonte is produced by HREÑUK S.A, a company founded in 1936 in Apóstoles in the Province of Misiones by Mr Demetrio Hreñuk, the son of Ukranian immigrants.

Rosamonte yerba mate