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Mate Urbano w/ Easy Clean Drinking Pipe BLUE[MATURB]

Mate Urbano w/ Easy Clean Drinking Pipe BLUE

Mate Urbano w/ Easy Clean Drinking Pipe BLUE[MATURB]

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The Mate Urbano is based on a unique and innovative design combining the use of modern materials and clever design.
It consists of a resistant hard-wearing plastic gourd and a stainless steel Easy Clean drinking pipe.
Unlike other modern gourds the Mate Urbano has a unique Easy Clean drinking pipe which serves 2 functions: 1)it filters the yerba and 2) it is used to remove the used yerba from the gourd
Because of this the Mate Urbano never gets blocked!!!
It's dead easy to clean your Mate Urbano!
- Place the drinking pipe into the gourd and then fill the gourd (to about 3/4) with your favourite yerba.
- Prepare a delicious mate.
- When you have finished and want to clean the mate gourd simply gently pull the drinking pipe vertically our of the gourd. This will remove all the yerba which then can be disposed off easily and cleanly.
¡Your MATE URBANO is now ready for the next round!
Available in 12 urban colours.
Material: silicone
Width: approx. 7.5 cm
Height: approx. 8 cm
Opening: approx. 7 cm

Material: stainless steel
Length: approx. 13cm
Shape: curved


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