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TARAGÜI Yerba with Passion Fruit 500g[TAYEMT500]

TARAGÜI Yerba with Passion Fruit 500g

TARAGÜI Yerba with Passion Fruit 500g[TAYEMT500]

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Since 1924, Taragui yerba mate has been grown and manufactured in the Province of Corrientes, Argentina by Establecimiento Las Marias. The word "Taragui" means Corrientes in guarani. It is one Argentina's most popular and recognized brands. Tradition and technology is Establecimiento Las Marias motto. They pick the yerba mate leaves by hand when they are mature to assure the superior quality of their yerba mate. Then it is dried, aged and milled under strict time honored guidelines. The special air tight packaging compliments a distinctly unique yerba mate. Taragüi Cascaritas combines the quality and personality of Taragüi yerba with the best selection of rinds of passion fruit and ornage bringing all the freshness of citrus fruits to the mate experience.